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November 2014

CLIENT ALERT: IRS Announces 2015 Employee Benefit Inflation-Adjusted Amounts

October 2014

CLIENT ALERT: Some Final Excepted Benefit Rules

September 2014

CLIENT ALERT: IRS Expands Cafeteria Plan Allowable Election Changes
10 Things You Need To Know About: Affordable Care Act Reinsurance 2014

August 2014

CLIENT ALERT: IRS Releases DRAFT ACA Reporting Forms

June 2014

CLIENT ALERT: July 31 IRS Filing Deadline for PCOR Fees

May 2014

Preparing for HIPAA Electronic Standards: Health Plan ID Numbers
More ACA FAQs from HHS, DOL and Treasury
CLIENT ALERT: Important COBRA Update

April 2014

Prepare to Report - IRS Releases Final ACA Information Reporting Requirements

March 2014

The ACA: Counting Full-Time Employees May Be a Full-Time Job
ACA Employer Mandate Transition Rules

February 2014

IRS Addresses Some (But Not All) Tricky ACA Employee Classification Categories
CLIENT ALERT: IRS Issues Final Employer Mandate Regulations with Transition Relief

January 2014

Regulators Issue FAQs Impacting Various ACA Provisions
New Proposed Rules for Excepted Benefits - What This Means for Employer-Sponsored Plans
New York City Paid Sick Leave Law Becomes Effective April 1, 2014
IRS Issues More Post-Windsor Tax Guidance for Same-Gender Couples
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