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April 2014

Prepare to Report - IRS Releases Final ACA Information Reporting Requirements

March 2014

The ACA: Counting Full-Time Employees May Be a Full-Time Job
ACA Employer Mandate Transition Rules

February 2014

IRS Addresses Some (But Not All) Tricky ACA Employee Classification Categories
CLIENT ALERT: IRS Issues Final Employer Mandate Regulations with Transition Relief

January 2014

Regulators Issue FAQs Impacting Various ACA Provisions
New Proposed Rules for Excepted Benefits - What This Means for Employer-Sponsored Plans
New York City Paid Sick Leave Law Becomes Effective April 1, 2014
IRS Issues More Post-Windsor Tax Guidance for Same-Gender Couples

November 2013

UPDATE: IRS Announces 2014 Inflation Adjustment Amounts For Employer-Sponsored Plans & ACA Tax Credits
Easing The Health FSA "Use It Or Lose It" Rule

October 2013

Checkup for Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) as Well as FSAs & EAPs

September 2013

Model HIPAA Privacy Notices Now Available
IRS Recognizes Same-Gender Marriages for Federal Tax Purposes
Marketplace Notice Alert

August 2013

Update: The Affordable Care Act: 15 Taxes, Fees & Revenue-Raising Provisions

July 2013

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Same-Gender Marriage

June 2013

Filing Instructions for PCOR Fees

May 2013

DOL Releases Model Marketplace (Exchange) and Revised COBRA Notices
Regulators Provide Answers to Some ACA Questions
More On Minimum Value And Affordability

April 2013

The Affordable Care Act Healthcare Reform Impact Analysis Model
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